Thursday, 2 December 2010

Waterstone's Present ... The Etherington Brothers!

Oh, I do love a nice dramatic title. Especially when it's true.

Following on from Lorenzo's reminder that tonight marks his third appearance at an Ink Dot exhibition (if you can get to Colston Hall in Bristol tonight, or anytime between now and January 2nd, you'll be in for a real treat -  he's created something truly special for this year's show) we've ANOTHER great appearance to share.

On Saturday 11th December, from 11am-4pm, Lorenzo and I will be entertaining the pre-Christmas crowds in the Bristol branch of the Waterstone's book chain (located in the Galleries shopping centre).

We will be signing and sketching in copies of Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders, discussing new projects, talking about our working process, chewing the festive fat, and generally gabbling around and making a nuisance of ourselves.

So if you're in the area, looking for that perfect gift, or just fancy meeting us and having a giggle, come on down and say hi. We're extremely approachable and good with kids and pets.

See you soon!