Friday 14 January 2011

Comic News! More Dandy Goodness to come!

Half the joy of writing comic stories can be found in the conjuring of a tale worth telling. Creating an original, amusing and engaging adventure is an extremely pleasurable experience, be it 320 pages, 64 pages, 1 page or even just three panels long! It is challenging and tricky and, if done well, a delight to read.

The other joyful half (and personally, the more significant half) is in watching those stories take true shape as an artist transforms your words and breathes colourful life into your characters. Aside from my ridiculously talented and prolific brother, I have been extremely lucky to work closely with a number of genuinely phenomenal artists over the last few years. Zak Simmonds-Hurn, John McCrea, Jon Davis-Hunt, Kat Nicholson, Andres Ponce, Tanya Roberts and many more.

Today I am delighted to announce that a new comic strip will soon be making its debut alongside YORE. It is a ridiculous, comedy wrestle-fest, written by myself, illustrated by the mighty Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, and titled...

Warwick and I first met at a Bristol show a few years back when he humbly showed me his portfolio. Lorenzo and I see a LOT of work by upcoming amateur and professional artists but this was something else. Warwick was already an extremely successful illustrator but the guy just loved comics with all his heart and wanted to make some more - which was lucky really because so did I!

We now cannot wait to share the adventures of Huggles (the large fella) and Big Thumper (his blue-haired cohort) with you all.

So that makes TWO very good reasons why purchasing The Dandy every week should be a New Years resolution.

Reason number THREE will be announced in the near future...