Monday, 28 February 2011

Au revoir, mon ami!

Well, 'tis the night before a comic Christmas for 1000 lucky kids across Liverpool and the surrounding 'burbs as we Etheringtons head up-country for four days of workshop shenanigans, book signings and giggles aplenty.

After last September's mini tour we're a little better prepared for the experience and now cannot wait to share our brand new Comic Cookery Workshop with schools and libraries and teachers and parents and tons and tons of excitable young creators.

We'll be offline till the weekend but shall return with news and pics and all the usual gubbins.

Till then, two quick bits of news:

(1) The Cardiff Comic Expo was superb and we cannot wait to see next years event grow into a two-day show. A big thanks to everyone involved in putting together such a great day and a BIGGER thanks to all you guys who came down to meet, greet and chat.

(2) This weeks Dandy may have an accidental reprint of Yore! but it has the very first episode of my new comic strip, Tag Team Tastic, with Warwick Johnson-Cadwell on art duties. We're in a winner-takes-all competition with three other tasty strips so please pick up a copy and check it out. We'd like your vote!

See you soon!