Thursday, 17 February 2011

Etheringtons invade Scribbler Magazine!

We love Scribbler. But what's not to love about a quarterly magazine for kids (aged between 7-11) who love to draw and write and read? Absolutely nothing, that's what.

Better still, the good folks at Scribbler seem to quite like us!

If you are lucky enough to already have a subscription to this fantastic activity-packed magazine, then you will have just received Issue 42 and spent a pleasant afternoon pouring over the Guest Author interview, featuring us Etherington Brothers in all our daft glory.

It's a monstrous four-page segment (we're not greedy, we've just got lots to talk about) and features a bonus guide to creating awesome monsters and a competition in which five lucky readers can win a copy of Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders.

We simply cannot recommend the magazine enough (they asked some really, really good questions) and for only £12 for an annual 4-issue subscription it really is fantastic value for money.

You can find all the details HERE.

So go on - spoil your kids!