Thursday, 12 May 2011

Look ... er ... Listen, Ma - We're on the Radio! For 6 days ONLY!!!

Well bless my socks, it's double post Thursday!

There have been a barrage of newsworthy bits and bobs recently but this is a particularly fun one to share.
Yesterday, in support of an amazing book sale that took place at the Bristol Grammar School (full report to come soon) Lorenzo and I hijacked the mighty airwaves of BBC Radio Bristol and had a rather entertaining chat with Anna King.

And now, thanks to the miracle of digital radio you can listen to the whole conversation through your computer! Just follow THIS link, click on the 'LISTEN NOW' button, and when the new window opens and the show starts playing, skip forward to 1.40.58 ... approximately!

And yes, there's a lot of giggling but 30 seconds before we went on air we learned it was national doughnut week and news like that just tickles us.