Friday 21 October 2011

The Etherington Strikes Back!

Finding new puns for the titles of our Star Wars posts is ridiculously easy and remarkably pleasurable.
But it is no way NEAR as pleasurable as seeing another one of our stories turned into a slice of comic action!

Yes, indeedy - the latest issue of Titan's monthly Clone Wars comic has just gone on sale and it features one of my favourite tales.

In 'The Only Good Clanker', Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody are faced with their most puzzling opponent yet - a Battle Droid named Coppertop who has managed to override his programming and save the life of a Clone trooper. As Kenobi attempts to unravel the mystery, a host of new enemies arrive on the scene, desperate to claim Coppertop for their own. But what makes this Droid so important?... 

I am joined on creative duties by Will Sliney who brings the story to vivid life.

Some stories are fun for the action, others their comedy, and sometimes because I get to explore an aspect of the Star Wars universe that's always fascinated me. This tale is definitely one for the fans. If you've watched Revenge of the Sith and you remember how the Jedi were betrayed, then this little adventure will be of particular interest.

Grab your copy from any good newsagent in the UK, France or the US, or you can set up a subscription online HERE!