Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's official - Baggage is a "...visual delight!"

Those knowledgeable souls over at recently swept their critical gaze over our latest graphic novel with (thankfully) delightful results.

Jeremy Briggs delivers a thoughtful review of Baggage and finds a lot of love:

"...the plot is never going to be predictable or even, for that matter, straightforward. But that is to the book's benefit as what could have been a simple quest storyline swerves constantly between increasingly bizarre situations. Lorenzo's artwork is beautiful, dynamic when it needs to be and intensely detailed in the quieter sections..."

Oh, and how's THIS for a conclusion?

"Baggage is a visual delight that works just as well for adults as it does for children. With Christmas coming up this is one book that could just as easily be on your own 'wants' list as well as being on the list of presents to be given out to others."

You heard the man, so what are you waiting for? Those stockings won't fill themselves!

Click HERE to read the full review.