Monday, 28 November 2011

Live Action Baggage Teaser!

Slightly misleading title perhaps, but entirely truthful. The video that follows is a live action (not animated) teaser (in as much as it's just an excerpt) from our book Baggage (Baggage).

The fact that it's ME reading from the book and not Bruce Willis in a Randall costume running around New York holding a suitcase ... well ... you obviously have a VERY active imagination!

You may remember we posted a link to the teaser for this teaser (so much teasing!) a while ago. The video was recorded as part of Renaissance Learning's fantastic project, Read to a Million Kids, which aims to promote literacy through finding new ways to excite children about books.

Let's see if it works shall we?

Ahem. Ridiculous.

Hopefully this little slice of nonsense made you grin, and if your curiousity has been suitably aroused and you just HAVE to know what happens next (who wouldn't?) then grab yourself a copy of the ultimate christmas present HERE!  Treat yourself, treat your friends!

- Robin!