Wednesday, 9 November 2011

On November 24th Robin will attempt to read to a MILLION kids!

Wednesday is not traditionally a typical day for BIG news, but we Etheringtons like to do things a little differently. In fact, the more different, the better. Which is why, when the wonderful folks over at Renaissance Learning asked me to perform a live reading of Baggage, I happily agreed.

Live reading from a comic book? What could beat that challenge?
Well, how about attempting to read to a MILLION children?

Ridiculous ... but TRUE!  Here's the official explanation:

"Read to a Million Kids is Renaissance Learning's campaign to read, quite literally, to 1,000,000 children through a series of exciting online activities, resources and live reading events featuring some  of the most popular children's authors!"

"One of the best ways of achieving this is through storytelling, which can have a significant effect on children of all ages and abilities. By first encountering a book in this way, many children go on to pick up, read and enjoy books in their own time. We hope that our growing video collection of popular children’s authors will appeal to and motivate children of all ages and abilities to read for pleasure."

Brilliant stuff, I think you'll agree. And now for an extra special teaser of what's to come later this month...

This is a truly worthy initiative, so get out there and spread the good word.

Oh, and TEACHERS can find a host of excellent classroom resources HERE!

Let's make this happen, people!

- Robin