Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Trio of Top Baggage Reviews - Part 1!

Good morning (thought depending on where you are and when you read this blog it might be good afternoon or good evening).

To accompany Lorenzo's invite to the latest Inkdot show (if you can make it, do so - it's going to be great) today we have the first of three great Baggage reviews to share.

Probably best to tackle them in order so here's what Andy Oliver from the ever superb Broken Frontier site had to say about our latest comic escapade.

"With each splendid new offering from The Etherington Brothers the sense that we are seeing creators destined to be regarded as one of the all-time great teams of British children’s comics only increases. However hyperbolic that claim may sound, the reality is that there’s something very special about the Etheringtons’ empathic relationship with their target audience."

Wow. Erm, thank you Andy, thank you very much indeed! And there's more:

"Lorenzo Etherington’s visuals are absolutely crammed to bursting with jokes, sight gags and intricate details."  

My word. This is fine praise indeed ... but there's MORE:

"This is the closest you’ll ever come to seeing animation on the printed page."

Right, well, that review pretty much made our year! 
To read the full article go HERE and don't forget to join us tomorrow when we'll be sharing an online review from a MUCH younger critic.