Monday, 5 March 2012

World Book Week report and bedtime stories with the Etheringtons!

Last week Lorenzo and I toured the South West on a little mini World Book Day/Week tour. Over two and half days we managed to visit three schools and perform 10 shows to over 1100 pupils! Phew!

Coombe Dean School, Lipson Community College and Sir Bernard Lovell School were playing host to the madness and we were treated superbly by all concerned ... especially the students who provided the energy and ideas for some of the most inspirational, amusing workshops we've run.

But the highlight of the tour was without doubt the moment Lorenzo and I (upon request) jumped into a bed that had been assembled INSIDE the Coombe Dean School library and proceeded to read the first three chapters from Monkey Nuts to a surprisingly enthusiastic Year 7 group. Dividing the voices between us, Lorenzo tackled the Caption Boxes, Chief Tuft and Rivet, while I plumped for Sid, Goober, Burple and The Amazing Amazing. Hilarity ensued...

I mean, come on ... if THAT isn't comedy gold, I don't know what is!

Many, MANY thanks to Sam Davey, Linda Williams, Alison Pope, Caroline Martin and all the staff who made sure the tour ran as smoothly as melted chocolate poured on a stack of warm pancakes.

- Robin