Friday, 27 April 2012

When Backwell bakes ... well ... they bake WELL!

Let me start by apologising to you all. That, right there in the title, is some simply unforgivable punning. This morning we visited a lovely school called Backwell, just outside Bristol. And yes, they baked us some rather amazing Chocolate brownies. But is that enough to excuse my attempt at 'humour'? I'm not sure.

Trust us when we say these babies tasted as good as they look!

Every school approaches their pre-visit, pre-show hype in a unique way. Backwell made this rather awesome board that filled almost one entire wall of their library. Incredible!

And so it was on to the show, and the students were ready to have fun. Our performances are always quite physical but this time I found myself bouncing around the stage so much that the camera only had time to focus on my tshirt!

Things calmed down a little for the book signing during which I attempted to convince the kids that my phone is special. They were NOT impressed.

Thanks to Anne Gibson and all the staff of Backwell School for making us feel so welcome. We'll see you next month for another workshop with three new classes ... and hopefully some more of those brownies!