Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Real Bulkhead-ache!

What happens when Prime entrusts his destruction specialist, Bulkhead, with a solo mission in the Alaskan wilderness?  Come on, take a wild guess. That's right .... TROUBLE!!!!  And luckily for you lot, every second of the adventure has been trapped between the pages of this month's Transformers Prime comic!

In "The Battle for Bulkhead" everyone's favourite scrapper is captured by Megatron and trapped inside a prison cell designed to slowly WIPE HIS MIND!!!  What's an Autobot to do?  Why, call for reinforcements, of course.  And so begins a desperate chase as Prime and the gang struggle to find and free their friend ... before there's nothing left of Bulkhead to rescue.  

You can pick up a copy of issue 4.11 from any good newsagent or supermarket, or better still, grab yourself an online subscription and have each and every issue delivered straight to your door - go HERE for all the details.