Friday 13 July 2012

The Phoenix = The END of summertime blues!

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, parents all over the world are preparing to ask themselves that duo of most tricksome questions:

(1) How do we keep everyone happy on LONG car/bus/train/plane journeys, and...
(2) What do we do if it RAINS???!!!

Yes, it's a pickle of a problem, but luckily the solution is at hand. A one stop answer to cure ALL ills, and resolve ALL problems. You don't believe me? Well then, simply purchase a PHOENIX COMIC SUBSCRIPTION and prepare to be amazed at the results! 

With tales crafted by some of the greatest writers and artists working in the UK and beyond, The Phoenix Comic needs little introduction and is guaranteed to keep children and adults happily entertained for EVER! Just take a peek at the magic contained within the pages!

And what of our efforts, eh? Well, while Lorenzo continues to studiously produce his amazing Von Doogan puzzle series (some challenges having proved to be so mind-confoundingly difficult that even grown men have burst into tears, literally weeping for the answers), our comic brains have been hard at work.

The second epic adventure of Long Gone Don is now beginning to take shape.  And while we have no wish to spoil any surprises - of which there will be plenty - it seems cruel to talk about our work without showing anything. So, for your extremely EXCLUSIVE delectation, here is a snippet of the good stuff, as the evil General Spode and his henchman, Count Valush, discuss interview techniques...

That Spode, eh. What a scoundrel.

Stay tuned for more comic news as it breaks!