Thursday, 27 September 2012

Chewing the Phoenix fat...

Who'd like to listen in on a big round table comic chitchat between myself, Patrice Aggs, Neill Cameron, Daniel Hartwell and Adam Murphy?  What's that?  EVERYONE???  Very well, your wish is granted.

At the end of August I attended CAPTION, Oxford's small press comic convention.  It was a lovely day and I had been invited to join two panel discussions, the second of which was all about the mighty Phoenix comic.  The entire session was recorded and you can download and hear the whole caboodle NOW by simply clicking HERE.

Alternatively hit the image below and you'll be taken the Panel Borders page where you can listen online by simply clicking the PLAY button on the right of the screen.  ENJOY!

Many thanks to Alex Fitch and David O'Connell for inviting and hosting/invigilating on the day.