Monday, 3 September 2012

Doogan winners - are you one of them?!

YES! I'm VERY pleased to do a role call on the latest batch of Von Doogan winners! These lucky adventurers have not only solved some of the Doog's most troubling challenges, but also had the good fortune to win the Von Doogan Certificate of Adventuring Excellence!

Here they are, lined up for your applause...

Puzzle number 28: "The Golden Monkey"
- solved by ROLY PEEL (What a great name!)

Puzzle number 30: "The Big Choice"
- solved by JULIET STOREY

Puzzle number 31: " Kuthulu's 1st Task: Strength"
- solved by VICTOR FOSTER

Puzzle number 32: "Kuthulu's 2nd Task: Trickery"
 - solved by BEN NEIGHBOUR

Puzzle number 33: "Kuthulu's 3rd Task: Agility"
- solved by LUKE MYHILL

Well done all! 

And finally, here's a quite simply AWESOME piece of Doogan fanart by an unknown young Dooganeer - completely AMAZING!