Thursday, 4 October 2012

Heroes are funny...

Last month we were contacted by the independent reading and writing charity, Booktrust.  The Booktrust has a fantastic aim; " inspire everyone to enjoy books, reading and writing and the lifelong benefits that they bring ... to build a literate, connected and creative society."

But what did they want with us? Well, they were keen to know if we'd write a guest blog all about HEROES.  I mean, honestly.  Could a subject be more relevant to us Etheringtons?

We obviously said yes, and you can read the entire feature HERE!

But for those of you who've clicked through enough links today, here's a little excerpt:

"...after years of being surrounded by heroic friends (and some super villains!) I began to write my own stories. But none of my heroes were … traditional. In fact, very few of them acted like heroes at all!  Over the years I've conjured angry bears, daft robots, moody monkeys, sneaky crows, failed wrestlers, hopeless barbarians and disaster prone squirrels. Not only were none of them particularly brave, but absolutely NONE of them had any sort of special powers whatsoever. All they had was a brain (even if they didn't always chose to use it) and a desire to do the right thing when faced with impossible challenges. Which doesn't sound all that heroic, right?..."