Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Give the gift of FUN this Christmas ... part 1!

Way back in January, The Phoenix comic took to the air for its inaugural flight.  Every week since, the adventures of Bunny Vs Monkey, Pirates of Pangaea, Cogg and Sprokit, Simon Swift, Von Doogan, Corpse Talk, Star Cat, Long Gone Don, and DOZENS of equally amazing marvels have flown through countless letterboxes across the country and into the minds of our audience - the kids.

NOW you can make that present a part of the Christmas tradition as the comic has just launched it's special PHOENIX GIFT BOX!

It you are looking for the dream stocking filler for your own child, or a prefect pressie for a brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter, cousin, friend (or even yourself), this is the pack for you.

Aside from five awesome issues of the comic, you will also receive a bonus mini-comic, badges, sticker set and postcards - allowing you to spread the good word about this amazing comic even further!

It's pure fun in a box. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a gift set HERE and fill someone's Christmas with giggles.