Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The DFC Paperback Library is COMING!

We've some VERY exciting news to share today.  August the 1st is set to be a HUGE comic day, as it will see the release of not one, not two, not three, not four, not five ... but SIX comic adventures in pocket-money-priced paperback form!  WOO HOO!

Random House and David Fickling Books are breathing new life into the amazing DFC Library Collection by launching the first wave of paperback tales from some of the biggest names in children's comics and books.  What a line up it is...

Monkey Nuts Book 1, Good Dog Bad Dog, Mo-bot High, Super Animal Adventure Squad, Vern and Lettuce, and - collected for the first time EVER - Jamie Smart's incredibly funny Fish Head Steve!!!

At £6.99 a pop these books are sure to make friends wherever they land. Pre-orders are now available from Amazon HERE!

We'll be talking more about where to find these books later in the year (when we'll be confirming launch action and festival dates) but now's the time to start spreading the good word.  If this collection does well then there'll hopefully be a second series.  And that might include Baggage ... and some all new Monkey Nuts action!

But first things first, go out and tell the world - the all-ages comic explosion is coming.  Children deserve great stories, parents need help tracking them down, and book sellers need to know that they're stocking the good stuff ... so let's make sure they ALL know about this brilliant collection.