Thursday, 25 April 2013

Transformers is a Knock-Out!

Time for another installment of everyone's favourite Cybertronian heroes. Yep, it's all new Transformers Prime action, courtesy of Titan comics and ME.  How delightful.

Issue 14.4 of the regular series sees Bulkhead, Prime and Arcee facing off against Knock Out and Breakdown (yes, that's right continuity fans - this story takes place BEFORE the demise of Breakdown). When the deadly Decepticon duo hijack a television station during the recording of a popular game show, Prime and the gang are forced to run a deadly gauntlet of traps and trickery if they are to stand any chance of saving the beleaguered hostages. "It's a Knock Out" features artwork by series regular, Horacio Domingues.

Grab a copy from your nearest comic retailer, newsagent or supermarket, or you can order your subscription online HERE.

- Robin!