Wednesday 22 May 2013

Our Hay Fever is about to kick in - BIG!!!

It seems like only yesterday we returned from our mighty tour of Scotland with Scottish Friendly and the Scottish Book Trust, and now we're off again!  I know we owe you all a proper report with pics from our travels through Lanarkshire - and it's coming - but for now only one photo is needed.  This single shot perfectly captures the fun of touring, the action contained in our brand new live show, and what it means to us Etheringtons to have the opportunity to inspire and entertain hundreds of thousands of children.


So, we're prepped for Hay. Our show is ready. Our signing pens are packed. We've got more killer tshirts than we can possibly wear. In short it's about to go OFF! If you still want to catch our public show on Saturday, we've been moved up from the Starlight Stage to the Digital Stage and extra tickets are now available HERE!

And I promise, when we return to the blog next week, we'll share all the action from the road. Now let's get this party started...