Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Attention UK Illustrators looking to do GOOD!

If you're an artist or illustrator keen to make a positive difference to the lives of young creators, then THIS is the blog post for you!

Some of you good folk may have heard of a not-for-profit organisation called the Ministry of Stories. Based in East London, the Ministry was set up in 2010 as a creative writing centre for children aged 8-18 with the soul aim of using storytelling as a form of inspiration to help build confidence, self respect and aid in communication. And to foster a love of writing and reading, of course.

These ideals are something we Etheringtons hold close to our hearts so you can imagine our delight when we discovered that the idea was spreading! A few months ago, ably supported by the Ministry, the Bristol Story Lab opened for business.


A non-profit scheme built along similar lines to the Ministry (and led by the excellent and enthusiastic Sam Taylor and Dave Taylor) the Story Lab is currently running monthly storytelling sessions from the brand spanking new J3 Library complex in Easton. We've been helping out whenever possible, hosting writing workshops and generally shouting about what a brilliant idea it is. But now that they're up and running and building their ever growing timetable for the coming year, the team at the lab is in need of a whole HOST of volunteers.

If you're an illustrator and would like the chance to blow children's tiny minds by bringing their stories to life, you can CLICK HERE to apply.

If you're not an illustrator but love the thought of being involved in this project, you can apply to become a mentor and story technician by CLICKING HERE.

Trust us, you'll have an amazing time. Oh, and please do spread the word - schemes like these make a genuine difference to their local community.

Illustration courtesy of Dan Startup.