Wednesday, 31 July 2013

COMICS for EVERYONE! Part 4 of 5...

We've naturally talked lots about Monkey Nuts, but tomorrow marks the launch of not ONE but SIX great comic books under the DFC Library banner. A collection of utter awesomeness from a selection of some of the very best artists and writers working in the UK. I urge you to grab yourself as many copies of each of these as you can carry!

Jamie Smart will be transforming a town into weirdos in the masterpiece, Fish Head Steve.

Sarah McIntyre will be sharing the whimsical wonderful tales of Vern and Lettuce.

James Turner will be saving the world with his magnificent Super Animal Adventure Squad.

Neill Cameron will be exploding robotic heads with the mighty Mobot High.

Dave Shelton will be solving clues and catching crooks in Good Dog, Bad Dog.

All six comic wonders are available in bookshops across the UK and online everywhere. Go HERE to get yours!