Monday, 2 December 2013

Robin and the Guardian present ten awesome comic books!

Recently I was asked to contribute to the Guardian's ongoing top ten book list, and obviously I requested that this be a top ten comic list. I wanted to use this brilliant opportunity to showcase come of the greatest comic series suitable for younger readers.

You can read the article and peruse my selection for free HERE, but I must stress that this is not a 1-10 list. Though Calvin and Hobbes probably deserves the top spot, in my opinion these ten all sit on an equal shelf. How can you compare Akira to Sam and Max? Or Usagi to Asterix?

With Christmas around the corner I encourage you, nay URGE you, to pick up some of these wonderful books.  For yourself, for a friend, or (most importantly) for your children or nephews, nieces or grandchildren, if they're at the right age. You will not be disappointed.