Wednesday 19 March 2014

Bristol Schools Invasion!

As regular visitors will no doubt be aware, we Etheringtons enjoy sharing our creative experience with others. Each year we spend a great deal of time on the road, meeting thousands and thousands of children and adults and teachers and educators and readers and writers and artists and bemused members of the public (thankfully few of the latter!). Our work takes us all over the world (more on THAT soon) but as with all travel, while the journey is great fun, coming home remains a real treat.

Happily, we've since discovered that it is possible to have the best of BOTH worlds! Last week Lorenzo and I hosted a two-day workshop extravaganza right here in our home city of Bristol.

First up, Bishop Road Primary, and their fantastic children. Endlessly imaginative, the students pushed our live show into entirely new weird and wonderful territory.

We had an equally brilliant time with the students at Colston's Girls' school. Parts of this incredible school date back to 1891. The hall we were performing in was almost as impressive as the creative free-thinking demonstrated by the kids. I mean, just look at those Doric columns ... or are they Tuscan columns???

Many thanks to Leif Overment and the staff at Bishop Road, and Caroline McClean and her fellow teachers from Colston's for making our respective visits so much fun.