Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Radio New Zealand - a special interview, Down Under!

We're back! Yep, we've returned from our adventures on the other side of the world with some tales to tell. In fact, there's so much news and fun to share that we'll have to break the trip into multiple posts. Expect bite-sized chunks of kiwi joy over the coming weeks.

First up, a little air play.

For those of you who were unaware, Lorenzo and I were appearing at the Auckland Writer's Festival - a five-day extravaganza of books, authors, talks and laughs.

As part of our visit we'd been offered an interview on Radio New Zealand. Any chance to talk to a wider audience about comics and inspiring kids get's our attention and so it was with great pleasure that we headed to the station.

While waiting to go on air, Lorenzo was persuaded to whip up a couple of Etherington portrait sketches. Keen readers will notice that we both bare a SLIGHT resemblance to Von Doogan!

Then it was down to business. It was business time. Our interview was hosted by Kathryn Ryan, who delivered, in our opinion, one of our best recorded chats ever. And joy of joys, you can here the whole thing right HERE! Simply click the link and listen to us chatter.

Excellent stuff. We'll be back soon with more Auckland treats!