Monday, 30 June 2014

Doing it for the kids...

Happy Monday to you all!

This is a pretty big week in Etherington world, as not only do we have a ton of news and comic previews and releases to share, but our older brother is getting married at the weekend! WHOOP! Huge congratulations in advance, William and Karen - we can't wait to party with you guys.

In the meantime we thought we'd start with something cool. And we mean really cool.

Lorenzo and I make comic books. It's not the only work we create, but it's the medium that most appeals to our sensibilities. Storytelling with pictures and words has become our passion, and we always hope that our enthusiasm rubs off on our readers. But really, all we ever hope to see, all we ever need to see, is THIS.

These two amazing shots of young Noah Gillingham (seen reading our YORE collection and Baggage) were sneakily taken by his Dad, the remarkable filmmaker, James Gillingham. I think they sum up the power of comics better than any words. A young reader, entirely lost in a new world and a new adventure, oblivious to everything around him. I particularly like the momentarily abandoned Playmobil figure.

And who remembers KNEELING to read? That is commitment to the page...

Thanks Noah and James for reminding us of the pleasure that can result from (hopefully) doing a good job, and making something fun.