Monday, 28 July 2014

Introduction of a new Autobot ... Meet Crosshairs!

Fans of metal-crunching, sentient-robot action, REJOICE!  A new issue of Titan's Age of Extinction magazine has just hit the shelves.

This might be one of the prettiest looking comic strips we've seen in a long time. Andres Ponce brings an absolutely astounding level of detail to Robin's latest story, Thousand Island Fight.  Here's the lowdown!

Following last week's lunar revelation that the fiendish Lockdown is actively hunting Autobots, Optimus returns to Earth and gets back to the business at hand. Ably assisted by Bumblebee and a roguish ranger named Crosshairs, the Autobots chase a trio of Decepticon warriors from the slums of Jakarta. Determined to prove his worth to Optimus, Crosshairs volunteers to track down the enemy alone. But their retreat looks to be hiding a greater trap ... and a greater enemy! 

You can grab a copy of issue 2 from any newsagent, supermarket, petrol station or you can order yourself a subscription HERE!

More Transformers news soon!