Wednesday 13 August 2014

FREE Long Gone Don!

Well, a free four page preview, but who's going to turn their nose up at that, eh?

The Long Gone Don: Monstrous Underworld month continues today with a healthy chunk of the comic itself.  Because that's what this is all about.  Action, plot, giggles and a bit with a crow.  So here for your delectation is the first appearance of key players, Lewd and Safina, and the infamous Demon Drink tavern.

To set the scene, well, Don and best friend Castanet are on the run from the ever inept Slum Guards. Click on the pages (then click on them again in the new window) to see them BIG!

If that TINY taste whetted your appetite then waste not a moment more - buy your copy today in-store, or online via Amazon HERE or the Phoenix comic shop HERE, or a million other places.

And with the fourth book in the series well underway, we feel confident in saying that the grandest undead adventure of all time is only just beginning.  That's an Etherington/Don promise.

More tomorrow!