Friday 28 November 2014

The Guardian features our Love Letter to Arundel Library

Happy Black Friday!  We'd like to end this week on a slightly more positive note than rampant consumerism (unless you're buying our books that is, in which case ... ramp on!).

In conjunction with Book Week Scotland, the Guardian newspaper has been running a week of Love Letters to Libraries.  In this special feature, writers and illustrators have been given the opportunity to craft letters that celebrate the million wonderful reasons why libraries are awesome.

The list of talented souls who have already contributed is rather mind blowing. Chris Riddell, Jacqueline Wilson, Alexander McCall Smith, Al Kennedy ... and US!  Yes, it's true.

Today, you can read our letter on the Guardian site, HERE, rendered as a full comic page of fun and nonsense.  But the message at its heart is true. We grew up opposite the little library in Arundel, West Sussex.  The building was an ever present part of our childhood, and I even worked there for a short period as an assistant, stamping books and shelving adventures.  My joy of reading was cemented in that space, and I'm forever grateful to the staff for making the experience such a pleasurable one.

The comic has been printed a little small elsewhere, but here's the full letter at it's original size - click the image to open, then click the image again to read and enjoy in full!