Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Best of the Year - a little taste of the good stuff!

Every December the guys at the Forbidden Planet International blog invite a series of creators to sum up the previous eleven months of books, comics and movies by selecting their fave three in each category.

Sometimes choosing just three is extremely difficult, so I tend to pick those releases that have really intrigued me. This year was hard. Very hard. I'm just SO glad no one asked me to list my favourite games....

1) Destiny
2) Wolfenstein
3) Broken Age
4) Valiant Hearts
5) Tomb Raider (it counts because I'm talking about the Definitive Collection!)
6) Rayman Legends
7) The Last of Us remastered
8) Counterspy
9) Massive Chalice
10) Valkyria Chronicles (released on the PC so it counts!!!)

And that's not including Far Cry 4 or GTA5 which I'm yet to sample ...***

Oh. It seems I made a list after all.

You can read my ACTUAL Best of the Year HERE!

*** - If any companies wish to send me free games (PS4) then please don't hesitate. ... hehehe