Monday 12 January 2015

Found in Translation

Morning Internet! Morning Web! Morning friends!

So, this is fun for a Monday.  Despite having made LOTS of comics over the years, we haven't yet been translated into another language.  Crazy, right?  Okay, so issues of Transformers and Star Wars have found their way into Russian, German and French (and possibly more) but none of our own books.  None of our originals as it were.

We're hoping this will change in time as we're extremely keen to share our adventures with the rest of the planet, and it's good to know that a little tiny slice of our work is already heading off to foreign soil.

Let's Make Comics, published by Oxford University Press last September - and illustrated by the stonking awesome Zak Simmonds-Hurn - has just been translated into Swedish!!!


And THIS is what I look like speaking that wonderful Scandinavian dialect. Who knew I was bilingual?

Jag heter Robin, indeed!

Thanks to all at Oxford University Press for getting this little book over the water and into the hands of those cool Swedish kids!