Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Sea Between Us - trailer MAGIC!

Something a little different today, and pretty darned fantastic.  Emylia Hall, my amazing wife, will be launching her third novel at the end of summer, entitled The Sea Between Us.  It's a magical, sweeping epic of surf, sea, music, art and love.  I might be a little biased, but it's brilliant.

Emylia's passion for the setting and the story however, have gone far beyond the limits of the page. Not content to simply conjure the Cornish coast through her written word, Emylia decided to bring the book to life through other creative endeavours and the result is the stunning trailer below. 

Watch and listen ... then read on to find out how the whole thing was constructed ... including the composing and writing of the music! 

Collaboration is a key part of what makes working on comic books so special, but writing a novel can be quite a lonely experience. When Emylia told me her plans for the trailer I was blown away. Working closely with Gary Egerton - her surfing consultant (she had a surfing consultant for her book!!!) - she concocted a visual storyboard that she felt could capture the wild beauty of the Cornish coast.  Gary put his heart and soul into the filming and the results are something truly special.

Emylia then went a step further and brought our good friends Kate Haines, Ed and Jim Wallis (the brothers are from the awesome band, My Sad Captains) on-board to record a cover version of an old song written by Emylia's father, Alwyn Hall ... a song that features in the very pages of her new book!

New Friends, Old Friends, Famous Friends and Family ... does collaboration get any better than THAT??? I don't think so.

Huge congratulations to all involved for producing something so beautiful. And special congrats and respect to Emylia, for making the whole thing happen and for sharing her art and her heart with us all.

The Sea Between Us is available to preorder online now, and will be in all good bookshops from August 27th. Get it.