Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Looga has landed! It's new Comic Book day!

Happy Thursday to you all!

It's always a pleasure to usher a new comic into the world ... but it's a lot more fun to present you with TWO on the same day.  Or better still, because our esteemed friend and artistic legend Jamie Smart has produced multiple titles for the same imprint, FOUR NEW COMIC BOOKS!!!

Let's hear it for the Oxford University Press Story Sparks fiction series! WHOOP WHOOP!

So what's this all about, you say, and how can you get your mitts on the good stuff?

Well, the OUP Story Sparks range features epic, fun adventures created for young readers.  They feature characters and tales to inspire and excite, all tailored to specific reading levels.  Basically, if you've a child aged between four and six years old and you want to get them excited about books and literacy - BUY THEM ALL!  What makes the list particularly exciting is that OUP chose to include a number of comic books in the series, and that's where WE come in.

The Looga and Barooga books are my brainchild, with stellar artistic duties from the one and only Zak Simmonds-Hurn.  He's a legend with pen, pencil or tablet and the results show on every panel and page of our two-book series.  I'm always amazed at how much fun Zak can cram into a spread and never more so than here.  Our books are all about overcoming your fears, while marveling at the world through the eyes of an imaginative child ... who happens to have a large monster for a best friend. Obviously.

And then there's Jamie Smart's series, Superhero Bunny League. I mean ... come on ... look at these gems!!!

Do I need to even say anything about Jamie? His creations are always monstrously appealing, insanely funny and just, well, just plain ace. The Superhero Bunny League books look set to continue his phenomenal tradition of giving kids the very best comics possible. And making it look easy in the process!

All four books are available NOW from OUP directly, or from Amazon or any number of online retailers.

Go on, gift the gift of adventure to your nippers. They'll love you for it!