Thursday 5 January 2017

Long Gone Don and the Terror Cotta Army is out TODAY! But DON'T BUY IT YET...!

YEEEEEES! Today, my friends, our new Long Gone Don adventure - The Terror Cotta Army - is OUT! And what an epic tale of action, comedy and ridiculousness it is! We're going to be showing you tons and TONS of stuff from the book over the coming weeks ... get your eyeballs ready!

So, YES, the book is out now,  HOWEVER  - if you like to get something a little extra when you make a purchase, then DON'T BUY YOUR COPY JUST YET! We have a VERY exclusive little offer (in partnership with The Phoenix) that we'll be telling you about at the end of next week! So, (if you can!) wait until then, and bag yourself something REALLY special :)

Oh yeah, AND we're going to be announcing a LAUNCH EVENT for the book that you're ALL invited to ... keep it tuned to the E-Bros for more info real soon!