Thursday 23 February 2017

Freaky and Fearless BOOK 3: Bazookas for Beginners is OUT TODAY!

"Calling all comic fans! Calling all Freaky Fiends and Fearless Fanatics – THE END IS NIGH!
Yes, it is true. After some truly grand exploits, the tale of Simon Moss, Whippet Willow and Lucy Shufflebottom is nearing an epic conclusion!

They’ve braved bullies, faced spine-tingling fears, destroyed public property, wielded superpowers they do not truly comprehend and, quite frankly, made a great big noisy mess of everything. Both Simon and Whippet claim to be comic superfans, never missing an issue of Freaky or Fearless. Both appear to be creative souls; Simon with his tall, tall tales, and Whippet with his masterful drawings. But do they really have what it takes to make a comic? Will their hobby save them … or doom them for all time?"

Yes, the end may indeed be nigh –  Freaky & Fearless 3: Bazookas for Beginners is out TODAY! For those yet to sample this mighty adventure, the entire trilogy awaits your eyeballs. Book 1 (How to Tell a Tall Tale) and Book 2 (The Art of Being a Freak) will introduce you to a world of rampaging beasts and plucky kids bent on uncovering the truth at any cost. If you’re a fan of funny, fast-paced adventure series, this is for you. 

I hope you all enjoy reading Freaky and Fearless as much as I enjoyed bringing it all to life, with my fantastic creative partner-in-comic-crime, Jan Bielecki.

Now buckle up and Get ready for the KABOOM!

Robin Etherington