Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Our £40,000 Art of Stranski kickstarter art book is launching to the public at THOUGHT BUBBLE!

WHOOOOOOOOP! VERY excited to announce that The Art of Stranski, our 100 page full colour hardback artbook with 3D glasses which raised £40,000 on kickstarter earlier this year, is being LAUNCHED to the public at this year's THOUGHT BUBBLE comic convention on September 23rd - 24th!

We'll be announcing more about what we're bringing to the show, as well as maybe a special offer for you Stranski fans out there, a little closer to the show, but for now, get your shekels ring-fenced, and be sure to make your way over to our table EARLY, as we'll only be able to bring LIMITED NUMBERS of copies of the book to the show.