Tuesday 10 October 2017

All our offers and stock list for LAKES COMIC FESTIVAL, PLUS which titles are almost all gone!

Hey guys! here's the FULL LIST of the stock we'll be bringing to THE LAKES INTERNATIONAL COMIC ART FESTIVAL this weekend!

IMPORTANT! Quite a few of our titles are now running low, including the original HARDBACK of BAGGAGE (just ten copies left outside the kickstarter) the original small paperback of MONKEY NUTS 1(for those of you that are collecting that format) and The Art of Stranski books (which come with THIS FREE A3 PRINT exclusively at the show) are dwindling too, not many left! 

We'll also have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of my two big sketchbooks with us, and you get a FREE A4 ORIGINAL piece of ART from my sketchbooks with each one sold. The sketchbooks went reeeeally fast at Thought Bubble, so get to our table early if you want one of those! No pressure :)

PLUS! if you buy one or more of our books at THE LAKES FESTIVAL this weekend, I'll do you a free A5 head sketch of one of our characters from one of the books you buy.

The exception to this rule will be that for families that attend who have several comic-loving children, they'll EACH get a sketch :)

Oh, and don't forget we're doing a LIVE COMIC MAKING SHOW on the SUNDAY!

Scroll down for a massive list of the stock we're bringing to the show, as well as all our other offers!