Thursday 7 December 2017

2018 preview FIVE: The art of STRANSKI reprint!

Ooooooh YEAH!! For those of you who missed out, we're giving you ANOTHER CHANCE to get the RAREST Etherington Brothers book there is: THE ART OF STRANSKI!

Despite a large overprint of the first printing, (and not counting a few boxes of books we have locked away for shows in the first half of next year) The Art of Stranski completely SOLD OUT within months of it's release.

The book raised £40,000 on Kickstarter earlier this year, but has been unavailable to buy online since, so, in the HIGHER TIERS of our March 2018 kickstarter you'll finally be able to get your mitts on this lost title! The book is a 100 page full colour hardback, and will come with custom 3D glasses.

So, that's the titles we're launching, BUT the MOST IMPORTANT info comes TOMORROW, as I'll be announcing how you can join our TOP SECRET MAILING LIST to be one of the FIRST to know when the Kickstarter goes live!

Stay tuned...!