Thursday, 25 January 2018

Introducing the MIND-BLOWING fully ANIMATED pixel art tutorials of Pedro Medeiros #LEARNUARY!

Right, if you've never heard of Pedro Medeiros, you're in for an ABSOLUTE TREAT, I wanted to save this beauty for the last week of #LEARNUARY! :)

Pedro creates wonderful, FULLY ANIMATED tutorials on every element of making pixel-art based games and animation, and they're STUNNING! Full of humour, colour, beautiful animation, and MASSES of learning, these tutorials are simply in a league all of their own.

Pedro funds his work on these via a Patreon account, but rather than keeping these jewels locked away behind the paywall, he then posts them up FOR FREE every week for everyone to enjoy and learn from - a true Learnuary hero!

You can follow Pedro on Twitter HERE, but what I REALLY recommend you do first is head on over to THIS MASSIVE PAGE WITH EVERY ONE OF HIS TUTORIALS ON IT! Get your eyeballs ready...!