Wednesday, 4 April 2018

£200K (Well over a QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS) - Thank you.

This morning my Kickstarter passed £200K (well over a quarter of a million dollars), so THANK YOU ALL.

I wanted to take this moment to say that if you're a struggling artist, and money's tight, then please know that you DON'T NEED TO BACK THIS CAMPAIGN TO SKILL UP. Nor do you need to pay for expensive subscription or paywall services, or online courses. Just keep it tuned to The Etherington Brothers, and we're going keep on delivering MASSES of COMPLETELY FREE tutorials on EVERYTHING you're ever going to need to know about drawing and writing (and some stuff that you may indeed NEVER need to know!), week in, week out.

You guys have all given so much to this campaign, and we're excited about all the TONS of FREE content this is going to allow us to continue to give you :)

Huge cheers!