Friday 29 June 2018

Announcing #FridayFundamentals! A weekly dose of the VERY BEST of LEARNUARY and beyond!

As you know, we're dedicated to bringing you a constant stream of online tutorials and inspiration to help you skill up your art and writing to a ridiculous level, and it's always all for FREE!
So we're very happy to announce that from NEXT FRIDAY (6th JULY) we'll be delving into the massive archive of tutorials we've gathered as part of LEARNUARY and beyond, from the world's BEST artists, and sharing them out EVERY FRIDAY under the hashtag #FridayFundamentals, exclusively on OUR TWITTER HERE!

For those of you who joined us half a year ago for LEARNUARY, this will be a chance to refresh your memory on all the drawing fundamentals that were covered, and for the many thousands of you who have started following us since then, this will be a treasure-trove of lessons, tips, and guides which I hope you'll all enjoy discovering! 

See you next Friday for the first installment!