Saturday, 16 June 2018

New Etherington Brothers PODCAST! Listen to our TOP TIPS on RUNNING A KICKSTARTER, sticking to your ARTISTIC ETHICS, and SELF-PROMOTION!

VERY excited to announce the release of a BRAND-NEW podcast in which we discuss how YOU can build to your Kickstarter SUCCESS, why it's SO IMPORTANT to remain true to your artistic VISION and ETHICS, and why you should always appreciate and respect your followers, and strive to bring them REAL VALUE! It's a fun show :)

The show was recorded with the AWESOME Chris "The Voice" Hendricks over at COMIX CENTRAL, and you can listen to the ENTIRE THING (sound quality from our end is a bit uneven at the very start, but it soon levels out) RIGHT HERE!

And we'll be posting a FULL ARCHIVE of all our previous podcasts up here very soon, stay tuned...!