Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Etherington Brothers need YOU!

AMENDMENT: The applicant age has been lowered to 18 and over! More submissions welcome!

An exciting opportunity has arisen for one talented artist to join our little team. We've a live project that needs a pair of enthusiastic and talented hands at the wheel, and much more in the wings, if things go well.

NOTE: So we're all clear from the start, this is NOT a full time job offer, but a role as a freelance artist on an existing project. This is not a permanent salaried position, folks!

If you're looking to break into comics, or you're a seasoned professional searching for a new gig, we want to hear from you!


1) Ability, obviously. It doesn't matter if you've never been in print before, as long as your skills are solid. And that means drawing SEQUENTIAL PAGES to a deadline. We're not looking for cover artists, but creators who can put beautiful pages together. You must be able to provide finished inked and coloured pages to a specification.

2) Style. While a direct Lorenzo clone would be extremely useful (ha!) we're not slaves to a single vision. That said, your work MUST appeal to all ages, which means we need to see fun in the lineart, and solid colour choices. We like to be playful on the page, but this is not about drowning the work in detail. We'd rather see simpler, clean readable pages than overly complicated panels. Play to your strengths! 

3) Imagination. Our work and worlds cater to those who like to let their imaginations run wild. This could be the beginning of a long term working relationship so we'd love to see your bright ideas!

4) Fun. We take our work seriously but we enjoy the process. And that's vital. Making comics and illustrated books is not always easy. The right attitude goes a long way to securing a future in this business.


1) 2-5 sequential, full colour comic pages. While we're not going to judge you on your writing, we need to see that you can tell a story panel by panel, that the flow is clear and the reading experience fun. Our audience age range starts around 7. The action should make sense, even if we were to remove the words!

The images can be sent to the email address at the bottom, or you can send links to a website/blog, etc if you're hosting them remotely. What we'd REALLY like to see is high quality jpegs showcasing your very best work. Don't compress files if it means you're doing your art a disservice!

2) A brief CV/Covering letter, detailing any and all illustration experience/education to date. Excellent photoshop skills are a necessity!
Applicants must be 18 and over to apply, so be sure to include your age.
We'd also like to know where you are in the world and how you found us?
Be sure to mention any artistic project that you're worked on COLLABORATIVELY. This is vital.

3) Tiebreaker (not really, but why not?) - why would you like to work with us Etheringtons? What is it about comics, and our titles in particular, that excites you? We're not searching for a fan, but a core familiarity with our on-page sensibilities would be a genuine plus.

4) All submissions should be sent to with the subject 'COMIC OPPORTUNITY 2018' ... because it's an opportunity to work on a comic strip, not because it's funny. But it is funny actually.


1) Closing date for submissions is OCTOBER 14th.

2) At that point we will form a short list of candidates. They will be sent a 2-page script to illustrate, in conjunction with Robin, who will be lettering the series as well as writing. Robin will provide all design notes and layup details. All unsuccessful shortlisted candidates will receive feedback on their submission - your time is valuable and if you've made it to the shortlist, it means something, and you should know what we loved about your work.

The deadline for this second round is NOVEMBER 11th.

3) The successful candidate will be informed within a week and will see that script in print within the year and be paid for their work in a 50/50 page rate split with Robin .. and we're OFF! The series will be live!

Last words and then I'll leave you to it. This could be the start of something great. A genuine ongoing collaboration. We're excited about this!

Best of luck to you all and we cannot wait to see your work!