Tuesday, 18 June 2019

FOUND in translation - Long Gone Don reaches mainland Europe!

The Don news keeps coming!

Okay, so this is pretty fantastic. We are delighted to announce that the first volume in our Long Gone Don series is now available across the French-speaking nations of Europe! Re-titled as Tom Skelette, the first volume (Tom Skelette et la Monstrueux Royaume des Morts) hit the shelves at the start of June.


And WHAT a volume our mainland cousins are getting to experience.

This is a dream come true. Lorenzo and I grew up reading Asterix and that series hugely informed our work. Seeing our own adventures getting such a superb treatment has been better than we could have imagined.

Brought to mighty life by Kramiek, an imprint of the fantastic Groupe Paquet publishing house, this hardback version really is the ULTIMATE edition. Just take a look at a book by book size comparison. WOW!

Our work was always created for a Bande Dessinee sized page and it is wonderful to see the artwork leaping off the page in this premium format. These pages are BIG!

Best of all has been the process of working with our translator, the superb Marie Debilliers. I've waited a LONG time to see the word PAF!

This is just the beginning. Don/Tom/OUR European adventure is just getting started!

To everyone at Paquet who made this possible - MERCI!!!!!!

More news coming soon!