Friday, 30 August 2019

THE ABSOLUTE MAD LADS! We will NOT be announcing the launch of our upcoming Kickstarter ANYWHERE online when it goes live - for TWO WEEKS!!

Crazy is back on the menu, folks! 

Our forthcoming multi-book KICKSTARTER is approaching and once again we are NOT going to announce the launch date, or mention the campaign ANYWHERE for the first fortnight after it goes live!

W-W-W-WHAT?! Yup, you're reading this right. 
There will be NO blog posts discussing it.
There will be NO tweets linking to it.
There will be NO Instagram posts talking about the mouth-watering tiers.
There will be NO tumblrs showing the books in all their beauty.


The ONE AND ONLY WAY to get onboard and discover the top-secret start date and campaign details is to JOIN OUR SECRET LAUNCH MAILING LIST!

You'll get a message at some point during that fortnight with a secret link to the campaign!

Just mail "Add me, boys!" to ETHERINGTONBROTHERS@YAHOO.CO.UK to be on the list!

NOTE: If you've joined in the past, you're already on it!