Sunday, 17 October 2021

18 DAYS LEFT! If you're interested the craft of WRITING or DRAWING read on...

For the past four years Lorenzo and I have been working to build an encyclopedia of skill sharing. Our goal has been to try and distill all of our thoughts on WRITING and DRAWING into the most entertaining and accessible format possible.  

The result is the HOW TO THINK tutorial series, a permanently FREE online resource for anyone looking to engage with the creative craft.

BUT did you know we also release collected volumes of our work? Each 200 page, hardback full colour volume gathers together a wealth of our material and ALL SIX VOLUMES of the ongoing series are available NOW, for the next 18 days, on KICKSTARTER.

To see what's available, click HERE.

Here's a double page slice of the action from How to think when you WRITE volume 1.

- Robin