Tuesday, 10 May 2011

One year on and going strong!

Last Thursday, the 5th of May, marked the first anniversary of my marriage to the wonderful Mimi. I honestly don't know where the past 365 days have gone (or the 10 and a half years before that!) but I'm still grinning like an idiot so I guess it must have been a fun time.

We decided to celebrate in semi-traditional style gifting each other pressies with a PAPER theme (which obviously has a nice relevance to a comic creator) and Mimi knocked it out the park. We were married, as some might know, in Las Vegas and honeymooned in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 5th of May marks the Mexican holiday "Cinqo de Mayo" when, in 1862, the Mexican army were victorious over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Irrelevant facts? Possibly, but Mexican and New Mexican traditions now have a special place in our heart.

Which partly explains THIS.

Yes, that's a giant sweety-filled piƱata, complete with idiot husband swinging and missing spectacularly.
Mucho respect to Mimi for combining paper, a Mexican tradition and the number ONE!
Cor, I knew there was a reason I married that girl...

NOTE: The keen-eyed among you may even spot in the lower left corner of that last pic, a miniature skeletal bride and groom. Far from being morbid, these are icons that celebrate, "Dia de los Meurtos", the Day of the Dead, another Mexican holiday. FACT!