Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Warm Wigan Welcome!

The Baggage 'Lost and Found' tour continued last week with a three day excursion to Wigan.
It was a trip full of surprises and Lorenzo got the ball rolling on the train up, by growing a thick mustache while sketching. Impressive!

Things then returned to sort of normal (and if you've seen us live you'll know 'normal' is a stretch at the best of times) as we launched into the first of our workshops, entertaining two local schools at the central library.

We then checked into our hotel only to discover that we'd been treated to EXTRA soft mattresses!!! Whoops!

The next day began in typical fashion ... yep, it's BREAKFAST CAM TIME! We were delighted to see the presence of hash browns on the buffet table - an all-too often overlooked ingredient to the perfect cooked brekkie.  

With a little time to kill we strolled the local shops and jumped with joy to discover my wife's debut, The Book of Summers, had been picked by Waterstone's as a perfect gift for Mothers Day - which it is!
If you're looking for something special to get your mum, try this beauty. She'll love you forever.

Following another workshop for two different primary schools (and more teachers than I have ever seen present at one of our shows!) we grabbed a bite to eat at a local pub where I discovered the most useless staircase of all time. What was the architect thinking???

That evening we visited the Scholes and Whelley Community Centre for a night that simply blew us away. Not only was our event sold out, but the audience - a mixture of ages ranging from 5-85 - were one of the most enthusiastic we've ever encountered. Barbara, who runs the centre, has been hosting manga art classes for local young artists for a while, and the ability on display was stunning. Best of all, those same talented creators had taken the time to reinterpret Lorenzo's work in a series of fantastic pictures.

Compliments don't get any more awesome than this!

The following morning, after hosting a final open event in the library, we boarded the train bound for Bristol, exhausted but elated. Many, many thanks to Carole Ogden for organising the trip, and all the library staff for your unstinting support. We look forward to returning in the future.

- Robin