Monday, 4 March 2013

It' a BOY! Announcing the arrival of Edward Doogan Etherington!

It is my absolute joy to let you all know that on Thursday 28th of February my incredible wife, Esther, gave birth to our son, Edward Doogan Etheringon. I thought about trying to draw something to celebrate this indescribable day, but I'll never have the skills to capture the true enormity of the emotions Esty and I are filled with. Plus, I'd much rather be cuddling and playing with my wonderful son than drawing pictures of him. To my Esty I can never truly say thank you enough for the bravery it took to bring our little pal into this world, and I know that with you holding one of his hands, and me holding the other, he will be wrapped in love each and every day of his life.

I leave you with a few images by the talented Pacal Campion, who knows a bit about how all this stuff feels...

I love you, Eddie!